99 Things to See & Do in 1999


Recreational Activities

  1. Play a game of pool at Sharkey's.
  2. Take a walk on the Boardwalk.
  3. Go fishing on one of our many lakes.
  4. Go for a bike ride.
  5. Go fly a kite.
  6. Play frisbee.
  7. Walk or run on the Whitney Forum Track.
  8. Go hikin, biking, or horse back riding at the Flin Flon Ski Lodge or Baker's Narrows trails.
  9. Participate in Fitweek, Participation, or Active Living events.
  10. Play tennis in Creighton, Denare Beach or at Phantom Lake.
  11. Organize a beach volleyball game.
  12. Set up a neighborhood scrub ball game.
  13. Go rollerblading.
  14. Organizean in-line hokey game.
  15. Play basketball.
  16. Join a slo-pitch baseball team.
  17. Go for a round of golf at Phantom Lake Golf Course.
  18. Go for a workout at the Aqua Centre Weight Room.
  19. Take a nature walk on the Kin Fit Trail.
  20. Play soccer at the Phantom Lake Soccer Field.
  21. Go boating or canoeing.
  22. Go bowling at Flin Flon Lanes.
  23. Climb the observation tower at Bakers Narrows.
  24. Take a nature walk on the trails by Rocky View Lodge.
  25. Take the kids fishing for rainbow trout at the Rotory Wheel Pond.
  26. Run, walk, or cycle a few laps on the Foster Park Track.

    Community Events

  27. Compete in the Month Long Fishing Derby starting June 6th.
  28. Get out and have fun at Baker's Narrows Day - June 7
  29. Take a rid or walk the midway at Canuck Amusements - June 9-10.
  30. Play in the Flirst Slo-Pitch Tournament of the year - June 12-14.
  31. Try for the biggest catch at Al's Phantom Fishing Derby - June 14.
  32. Take in a game at the Minor Ball Windup Tournament - June 20 & 21.
  33. Take in the sunshine while fishing in the Leo Lavoie Lake Trout Tournament - June 20 & 21.
  34. Don't miss out on the fun at the Phantom Lake Father's Day Picnic - June 21.
  35. Attend the 1998 Hapnot Graduation Ceremony - June 24.
  36. Support your favorite candidate at the Queen Mermaid Talent Night - June 25.
  37. Find some excitement at the Flin Flon Trout Festival - June 26 - July1.
  38. Attend the 1988 Hapnot Class reunion during the Trout Festival.
  39. Check out the events during Main Street Days - June 26 & 27.
  40. Get ready to rock with "The New Meanies" and "Black Tooth Grin" in concert - June 26.
  41. Relive the 80's with "Doug and The Slugs" at the Annual Fish Fry - June 27.
  42. Seniors, come to the Flin Flon Seniors Centre for bingo, cards, and munchies - june 29.
  43. Dance the night away at the "Bigger Than Boxing Day Bash" - June 30.
  44. Don't miss the Canada Day fireworks. Join in the Canada Day Celebration activities - pancake breakfast, parade, duck race.
  45. Enter a float in the Canada Day Parade.
  46. Hot Spot and Summer in the Parks Day Programs ages 5 - 15 runs July and August.
  47. Play or spectate at the Slo-Pitch Tournament - July 17-19.
  48. 23 rd. annual Roller Goodman Memorial Hockey Tournament is in Flin Flon July 31-Aug. 4.
  49. Get an early start on the hockey season by attending the Flin Flon Hockey School August 2-8 and August 9-15.
  50. Don't miss out on the Final Slo-Pitch Tournament - Aug. 7-9.

    Leisure Activities

  51. Visit the animal at the Petting Zoo.
  52. Join the Writer's Guild.
  53. Watch a sunrise from North Belevue.
  54. Enjoy a relaxing sunset from the boardwalk.
  55. Feed the ducks at the Duck Pond.
  56. Kids - Sign up for drawing classes with The Flin Flon Arts Council (July Only)
  57. Attend a church service.
  58. Visit the Station Museum.
  59. View the Whitney Form Bomber Wall of Fame and Display Cabinet.
  60. Enjoy one of our 15 parks and playgrounds.
  61. View the artifacts at the Gateway Museum at Denare Beach.
  62. Watch a kid's sprting event.
  63. Go to the Demolition Derby.
  64. Read a book from the Public Library.
  65. Visit Camp Whitney.
  66. Have your picture taken with Flinty.
  67. Watch the amazing northern lights.
  68. Enjoy a sunny day at teh wading pools.
  69. Camp in our Tourist Park.
  70. Book the Rotary Wheel for a family or group event.
  71. Join the Flin Flon Community Choir.
  72. Join a service club.
  73. Make a craft at the Hobby Shop.
  74. Join the Pottery Club.
  75. Visit the limestone crevices in the Denare Beach Area.
  76. Enjoiy our great blueberry picking areas.
  77. Beautify our city by planting flowers and shrubs.
  78. Take a tour of the mine.
  79. Go for lunch or supper with a friend at one of our many wonderful restaurants.
  80. Browse in our local shops.
  81. Take an aerial tour of Flin Flon.
  82. Visit Denare Beach - beaches, tennis courts, marina, and much much more.
  83. Enjoy the beach and play area at Phantom Lake.
  84. Picnic and swim at Sally's Beach.
  85. Baker's Narrows - camping, boating, swimming, observation tower, etc.
  86. Join the Canoe Club or join them on a paddling trip.
  87. Park for a flick at the Drive In Theater.
  88. Host a barbeque for family and friends.
  89. Play cards with the Bridge Club.

    Helpful Hobbies

  90. Visit Someone at the hospital.
  91. Volunteer at the Personal Care Home or Northern Lights Manor.
  92. Deliver Meals on Wheels.
  93. Donate to the Food Bank.
  94. Volunteer with the Friends of Phantom Lake Project.
  95. Volunteer on a local committee.
  96. Support a local fund-raiser.
  97. Pick up garbage lon the highway (adopt a highway project).
  98. Plant a tree
  99. Help with A Flin Flon Fish Enhancement Society Project

Enjoy 1999 and life in our great community

For additional information please contact the Recreation Office at (204) 687-9773

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