Flin Flon Fish Enhancement Society

Burbot Stomach Analysis

During the 1998 Annual Burbot derby the FFFES sponsored students from Keewatin Community College to do a stomach analysis on 300 of the burbot caught during the derby.

The analysis was performed to see if the burbot were competing with prime fish for food and if they were feeding on the prime species fry...it was determined by the study that both of these theories were correct...

A hardy group of KCC students Who are the men in the folks in the strange white suits...these are the student of the Resource Management Course at KCC...along with obtaining the matter needed for their study...the students filleted all the burbot brought in so they could be cooked and enjoyed by the spectators at the derby...

There's a lot of burbot in that pail says one of the gang from KCC...this is just one of the many pails of fish the students filleted for the people at the derby to enjoy...The fish is battered and cooked by volunteers to introduce the burbot to people as an alternate to prime species...

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