Flin Flon Fish Enhancement Society

Setting Up The Limno Correl
Setting up the limno correl on White Fish Lake


  1. Initiated annual Burbot Derby to Promote the use of rough fish thus alleviating the pressure on the prime species (pike, walleye, trout).
  2. Initiated the Family Fishing Derby to promote fishing as a family recreational activity.
  3. Kids fishing seminars to educate youth about conservation.
  4. Presentations to Wolf Cubs of Canada, about the importance of conservation and fish management.
  5. User Group Round Table Meetings: to promote development of networking between user groups and province.
  6. Received a grant in 1990 from Environment Canada to assist in the clean-up of the Pineroot River System from Whitefish Lake to Wabishkok Lake.
  7. Developed picnic and fishing area at Wee Lake to be promoted as a "Kids Fishing Hole".
  8. Received grant to purchase a Limno Corral to assist in introducing "fry" into local lakes. (see photo top of page)
  9. Regularly input suggestions to the Department of Fisheries regarding proposed changes to regulations.
  10. Erection of a cairn at Bakers Narrows honoring Leone Grayson's World Record Trout caught in Lake Athapapuskow in 1937. (pictures)
  11. Smallmouth Bass transfer from One Portage Lake to several other lakes to enhance and diversify the number of lakes where the bass will be available.
  12. Stomach Analysis of burbot to determine if they competing with prime species for the food supply. (photos)

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