Economy and Labour

The chief industry in the Greenstone area is mining, Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting Co. Ltd. developed a mine, mill and smelting complex in Flin Flon in the 1920's to mine copper, zinc and some silver, cadmium and gold. HBM&S is the principle employer in the area along with forestry, commercial agriculture, tourism and commercial fishing.

Tourism has played a very important role in the economy of the Greenstone region and a visit here is a good opportunity to combine many kinds of vacations into one. The abundance of magnificent rivers and lakes, highlighted by breathtaking sunrises and sunsets draw tourists and adventurers from all over the world.

Forestry plays a minor role in the economy of the region. That is the trees are only cut down in the area but then they are moved to Hudson Bay or The Pas for processing.

As for commercial agriculture this area has exciting possibilities for growth including mushrooms, cranberries and blueberries. The extensive wild rice industry has potential for expansion and diversification of the processing sector.

Finally, commercial fishing is a part of the economy because of the great diversity of fish and lakes in the Greenstone area. We have all kinds of fish from the legendary Northern Pike to huge Lake Trout and Walleye which all bring tourists into the region for both guided and fly-in fishing.

Labour Force

Labour Force Activity 1995

Total labour force - 5600
Males 15 and over in the labour force - 2260
Females 15 and over in the labour force - 1640

Unemployment 1995

Unemployment rate of males - 8.85%
Unemployment rate of females - 8.84%

Employment by industry division 1995 (top 5)

Primary industries - 29.2%
Other industries - 16.4%
Trade industries - 12.9%
Health & Social Services - 11.7%
Manufacturing - 7.3%

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