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Snowmobiling in Flin Flon, Manitoba

tab.gif (822 bytes)The Flin Flon area offers a variety of snowmobiling opportunities. The trails range from relatively flat, wide, groomed trails to more challenging narrower, somewhat rougher trails through mixed forest, rocky ridges, swamps, and across a variety of small to large lakes.

tab.gif (822 bytes)There is a groomed trail to the town of The Pas, Manitoba (approximately 100 miles) with various well-defined, ungroomed trails radiating from the main trail which provide hundreds of miles of additional riding opportunities. Food and fuel are available at several points on these trails.

tab.gif (822 bytes)There are also two main, well-marked, partially groomed circular loops from Flin Flon. One of these is approximately 35 mils and travels the Manitoba side of the border, passing through the resort area of Bakers Narrows (where food, fuel, and lodging are available). The second is on the Saskatchewan side of the border and passes through the community of Denare Beach which also has all services available. This loop is approximately 40 miles long.

tab.gif (822 bytes)There are numerous additional trails in the area which are used by local residents and tourists to access wilderness cabins, travel to different lakes for ice fishing or just to go exploring.

tab.gif (822 bytes)For the more adventuresome, there are several well used trails which connect Flin Flon to the communities of Snow Lake, Manitoba and Cumberland House, Saskatchewan, both approximately 80 miles from Flin Flon. Both of these communities offer food fuel and accommodation and the trips take you through a variety of landscape and scenic wilderness. Both trips can be made in a circular fashion, without having to return on the same trail.

tab.gif (822 bytes)Don't ignore Flin Flon when considering a snowmobile vacation. There are enough trails to keep you exploring for a week or more. Our snowmobile season normally starts in early December and lasts until the end of March, and although the temperature may drop to -40c occasionally, the air is dry the winds generally light, and with proper snowmobile clothing it is not uncomfortable.

For further information contact, Dwayne Wenger (306)688-7159, Bob Lemcke (204)687-3912, or Bill Lyle (204)687-6782 or write:

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