Friends of Phantom Lake

Phantom Lake is a recreational area between Flin Flon, Manitoba and Creighton, Saskatchewan. It all started back in the late 20's early 30's when people moved here for the jobs at Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting. There were very few vehicles and not much for people to do in this newly developed mining community. HBM&S spent alot of money and hours of labour to make this beautiful recreational area for people to come with their families and enjoy. They hauled sand in for the beach, they built a beautiful big dock for swimming, made a playground for the children with lots of equipment. HBM&S kept this up for many years and it was a very busy place. Everyday of the week people would walk out with their children. They would bring their lunches and spend the whole day. The older generation of people say you could hardly find a spot on the beach to sit and eat, because of all the people.

In the 80's HBM&S started cutting back on spending and so Phantom Lake was left, this beautiful place was going down hill. What had been the swimming area was growing up with weeds, and the dock was falling apart, the flowers in the beds that welcomed you to the area were replaced by weeds. It was a very sad sight for many who remembered what it did look like.

Some local people decided enough was enough and got together as a group and started to bring Phantom Lake back. We call ourselves " Friends Of Phantom". We all volunteer many hours of work and with the help of other volunteers and many donations we have cleaned up the lake of weeds, restored the flower beds, planted new trees, and many other things. We also fixed up the canteen and reopened it in July of 97. A new 92 foot dock was built and the extension of approx. 50 more feet will be completed in 1998.

We also want to reopen the picnic grounds and camping area, but this is going to take alot of money and volunteers help. We also have a golf course right beside the recreational area. There are tennis courts, volleyball nets, and horseshoe pits. There is a beautiful lake , which is great for fishing and swimming.

If anyone is interested in helping us to restore and keep up Phantom Lake or to send a donation, please contact: " FRIENDS OF PHANTOM"

P.O. Box 478
Creighton, SK.
S0P 0A0
Phone: 306-688-3538
Fax: 306-688-4110

Thank you for your support.


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