Flin Flon Fish Enhancement Society

The Undertaking of the Society:

  1. To improve the streams rivers and lakes or any other water body or water courses in the Greenstone Region so that the productivity and carrying capacity of various types of fish is enhanced to the benefit of all persons.
  2. To produce, distribute and disseminate information designed to educate information designed to educate the general public on the methods, needs and advisability of preserving and improving habitat for game fish species.
  3. To encourage, fund and undertake scientific research with a view to the enhancement of game fish habitat.
  4. To conduct fund raising ventures to promote the first three objectives of the society.

Accomplishments To Date:

  1. Initiated annual Burbot Derby to Promote the use of rough fish thus alleviating the pressure on the prime species (pike, walleye, trout).
  2. Initiated the Family Fishing Derby to promote fishing as a family recreational activity.
  3. Kids fishing seminars to educate youth about conservation.
  4. Presentations to Wolf Cubs of Canada, about the importance of conservation and fish management.
  5. User Group Round Table Meetings: to promote development of networking between user groups and province.
  6. Received a grant in 1990 from Environment Canada to assist in the clean-up of the Pineroot River System from Whitefish Lake to Wabishkok Lake.
  7. Developed picnic and fishing area at Wee Lake to be promoted as a "Kids Fishing Hole".
  8. Received grant to purchase a Limno Corral to assist in introducing "fry" into local lakes.
  9. Regularly input suggestions to the Department of Fisheries regarding proposed changes to regulations.
  10. Erection of a cairn at Bakers Narrows honoring Leone Grayson's World Record Trout caught in Lake Athapapuskow in 1937.
  11. Smallmouth Bass transfer from One Portage Lake to several other lakes to enhance and diversify the number of lakes where the bass will be available.

Annual Burbot Derby

The annual Burbot Derby is held the fist weekend in April every year and runs from the Friday to the Sunday. Over $12,000 in prizes , in several categories: largest daily, smallest daily, largest overall, youth, and womens events to name a few.

In 1994 the World Record Burbot was caught on Lake Athapapuskow during this tournament by Vaughn Kshwyiecki, the fish weighed 22 pounds and 8 ounces.


Annual Family Fishing Derby

The Annual Family Fishing Derby is held in conjuction with the Provincial Family Fishing Weekend in June. Prizes in the derby are approxamately $500. The derby is co-sponsored by Ducks Unlimited and is an entertaining and educational day for the children and the parents alike. The children learn about wetland game birds, build bird houses, enjoy a day of fishing, are treated to lunch, given a membership to Greenwings and a number of give-aways. Bring your child and have a great day with them.....

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